The Rosemount – Taney Community Campaign

Following the demolition of the Rosemount flats five years ago the community centre was relocated to a temporary location over half a kilometer away on the far side of the Dundrum crossroads, a long and unsafe walk for the many elderly residents and children that use it on a regular basis.
Additionally, there has always been a great tradition of sports teams in the area, but in recent years local volunteers are struggling to keep these groups going due to the appalling conditions of very basic changing facilities that have been allowed deteriorate.
On several occasions over the past few years there have been firm promises of community and sports facilities in the Rosemount area. None of these promises have been delivered on, this is despite millions of euro in commercial rates raised each year in the Dundrum area and on top of the significant developer levies accruing due to the construction of hundreds of apartments in the area.
The lack of investment in community resources in the shadow of the one of the most successful commercial shopping centres in Europe is totally unacceptable. Residents of Dundrum are very proud of the success of our locality and it is important to us that every area of the community benefits equitably. There is no question that the Rosemount community deserve to have this long overdue promise delivered on, and I look forward to continuing to work with the local residents to ensure that this outstanding investment in the community is honoured.