“I encourage regular contact with constituents through clinics and local visits. This is an integral part of a public representatives work. If you would like to discuss any issue or arrange a meeting then please call / text me on my mobile 086 8290570 or email me sbrennan@cllr.dlrcoco.ie

My Priorities for Our Community:
  • Property Tax: Fight for our property tax to be invested back into our community.
  • Local Business: Seek essential reductions in the taxes & charges burdening local employers.
  • Education: Strive to ensure that our children receive the 21st century skills they will need to succeed; including languages, technology and entrepreneurship.
  • Community: Work for a safe, clean & family focused environment that enhances the quality of life for all in our area.
Councillor Shay Brennan


Rent Controls are Short Sighted

There is a critical need to address the housing shortage in the Dublin area. Private and public sector building programmes must be encouraged in order to meet the growing demand for homes. Rents will stabilise, and potentially fall, once there is a marked increase in...

ECB Creates €8 Billion in Cheap Funding for Irish SME’s

I am very concerned about the lack of credit available to SME’s at this stage in our recovery. There is one upcoming opportunity that has the potential to create up to €8Bn of cheap funding for Irish SME’s, but only if the Irish banks get  both fully on board with the...